Sunday, November 2, 2014

"Wall" - the Gray Lady's Review

The New York Times weighs in:

Cartoon Network’s new 10-episode series, “Over the Garden Wall,” isn’t quite like anything else on television, but it’s a little bit like a lot of things you’ve seen. Guessing at what has influenced its creator, Patrick McHale, is one of the pleasures of watching it. ...

What Mr. McHale seems to be after, with his grist mill and pumpkin farm, his soundtrack of original songs in various nostalgic styles and his retro designs — the mill owner’s Abe Lincoln ensemble, the teapot Greg wears on his head — is a kind of whimsical neo-Americana. It has the look of a dark fable but the mood of a fairy tale. ...

So the show rolls out tomorrow and continues through the week. And if America embraces the characters and concepts, there will no doubt be more episodes beyond the original set.

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