Monday, November 10, 2014

Better Net

What the WGAw said:

... “Reclassification of broadband service as a Title II telecommunications service recognizes that the open Internet works just like the phone lines and will allow the FCC to institute the strong rules the president calls for — no blocking, no throttling, increased transparency and no paid prioritization,” says WGAW President Chris Keyser. “The policies outlined by the president will prevent a few online gatekeepers from picking winners and losers and will allow creativity, innovation and free speech to flourish.” ...

I know damn well that the big players want to monetize the internet for their own advantage. And I know damn well that they will lobby furiously, slinging greenbacks as they go.

But letting the holders of the main trunk lines enrich themselves because they're big, is a bad idea.

Like the Writers Guild of America told us.

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