Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Upcoming Blockbuster Weekend

Big grosses are near.

Interstellar is looking at a debut of more than $50 million based on early tracking and that number could rise as reviews roll in, television commercials become ubiquitous and word-of-mouth increases. An opening in the range of “Gravity’s” $55.8 million seems achievable, even though Disney’s animated “Big Hero 6″ opens the same weekend and is also generating excitement with potential ticket-buyers.

Our prognostication: both Interstellar (the live-action movie with heavy VFX) and Big Hero 6 (the VFX movie with no live action) will open north of $50 million. We're not the only ones.

... The Nov. 7 weekend is shaping up as a box-office blockbuster — and potentially a close race — for the Christopher Nolan space epic and Disney Animation's film inspired by the Marvel comic. ... projections could well rise, but both studios have to be pleased with the early data on what are their most important releases of the season. There's room for both pricey projects to succeed because, at least initially, they target different audiences.

Diz Co. (and Mr. Lasseter) are being smarter about feature animation releases here in the 21st century. During the 1990s, the Mouse released one animated musical after another until the audience said enough already. This time, Disney is mixing up its pitches a bit.

Smart thing to do.

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