Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Contenders For Little Gold Men

The trades think these three could be Oscar-worthy.

Oregon-based Laika is heading into awards season with the stop-motion “The Boxtrolls.” ...

“Trying to make these things feel like breathing characters is very tricky. We see ourselves as actors, but instead of acting with our bodies and our voices, we’re acting through another object. We still have to hit our marks, and it’s almost like a chess game to figure out where these things need to be at any given time, and keep that in your head over a 300-frame shot. ...

Then there's How To Train Your Dragon and The Lego Movie, both of them well-reviewed features.

And what about The Book of Life?

Then, of course, there are the cartoons still to hit the AMC. Who among us is ready to write off Penguins of Madagascar and Big Hero 6? Aren't they Oscar worthy?

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