Thursday, August 14, 2014

Animation Work In And Around Los Angeles

Per request, we've gathered information about union animation work going on in L.A. I've had assistance from staff and members, and have tried to be fairly comprehensive, but I'm sure there are gaps, omissions, and (horrors!) an error or three.

Feel free to chime in regarding non-union or union studio projects that I've missed, because I know I'm not up to speed on all the stuff out there. ...

Bento Box

Bob's Burgers -- Prime time show well into new season

Brickleberry -- Comedy Central show near end of season

Border Town -- New Macfarlane show in the front half of series order.

Cartoon Network:

Over the Garden Wall -- Micro series that's now completed

The Powerpuff Girls (Rebooted) -- Not yet in production

Adventure Time -- Has greenlight for Season #6

Regular Show -- Also greenlit for Season #6

Rick And Morty -- Adult Swim series -- non-union -- done at Starburns Industries

Uncle Grandpa -- 2nd season underway

Clarence -- 2nd season underway

We Bare Bears -- New series working on 1st season

Mixels -- A Lego property done as series

Ben 10 -- Winding down, but up for a future reboot

Steven Universe -- ongoing

Black Dynamite -- ongoing.

Disney Television Animation

Wander Over Yonder -- Okayed for a 2nd season

The 7D -- Solid ratings, should get 2nd season pickup

Mickey Mouse shorts -- Produced in Canada, with pre-production in Glendale

Gravity Falls -- Now wrapping up 2nd season

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja -- Pre-production at Titmouse (dba Robin Red Breast)

Sophia the 1st -- Third Season for this hit show

Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero -- Season #1

Jake and the Neverland Pirates -- 4th and likely last season

Pickle and Peanut -- Long development time for this series

Sheriff Calley's Wild West Show -- Pre-production at Wild Canary Animation

Miles From Tomorrowland -- Pre-production at Wild Canary Animation

Star Vs. the Forces of Evil -- In work.

DisneyToons Studios

Various shorts and features in development. Recent layoffs of 18 staffers.

DreamWorks Animation

Home -- Feature that's in the home stretch.

Penguins of Madagascar -- Feature largely produced in India, some work in Glendale

B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations -- In development and production

Kung Fu Panda 3 -- Production work largely in China. (Most story work on DWA features is done in California/Glendale).

Croods 2 -- In development

How To Train Your Dragon 3 -- In early development.

(Various Chinese DreamWorks Animation projects in story development at DWA's Glendale studio, also others. Some story work at PDI in Redwood City. Rolling layoffs of 28 staffers.)

DreamWorks Television Animation

How to Train Your Dragon/Riders of Berk -- In midst of 58 episode order, some for Netflix

Turbo Fast -- Netflix series with pre-production at Titmouse/Robin Red Breast

King Julien -- Large Netflix series order

Puss in Boots -- Another Netflix show

Veggie Tales in the House -- Lots of Netflix episodes

Dinotrux -- Supervised by Jeff DeGrandis, late of "Dora"

The Croods -- Sizable Netflix order

Mr. Peabody and Sherman -- 78-episode order.

Film Roman

The Simpsons -- Prime time veteran deep into its twenty-somethings season

Fox Animation

Family Guy -- Working on latest, slightly shorter-than-normal season

American Dad -- Engaged with the first season of shows original to TBS. If you didn't know, it has departed Fox Broadcasting.


Stretch Armstrong -- Ongoing

Transformers -- Ongoing

Rescue Bots -- Ongoing.

Marvel Animation

Avengers Assemble -- Ongoing

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. -- Ongoing

Ultimate Spiderman -- produced, and now completed, at Film Roman.


Spongebob Squarepants -- Now that movie is complete, could be new episodes at some future date

Fairly Odd Parents -- On hiatus, most crew members on other projects

The Loud House -- Creating Season #1

The Legend of Korra -- Wrapping, with crew now on other shows (and has shifted on on-line distribution)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- Now on its 3rd season

Sanjay and Craig -- Doing its 2nd season

Shimmer and Shine -- 1st season

Bad Seeds -- Working on Season #1

Dora the Explorer -- Will relaunch in 4th quarter

Wallykazam! -- Working on Season #2.

Paramount Animation

Various projects in development on Paramount studio lot (Hollywood).

Sony Pictures Animation

Popeye -- In development (production in Vancouver).

The Smurfs -- In development (production in Vancouver)

Hotel Transylvania 2 -- In development (production in Vancouver)

Kazorn -- In development.

(Various other projects in work)

Universal Cartoon Studios

Land Before Time -- In the process of becoming.

Curious George -- Maybe more episodes toward the end of the year.

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Big Hero 6 -- In the last couple of months of production.

Zootopia -- In development

Project in development -- title removed at request of Diz Co.

Project in development -- title removed at request of Diz Co.

Warner Animation Group

Various projects in development on the Warner Bros. main lot. (Pre-production only).

Warner Bros. Animation

Wabbit -- Latest series incarnation of Bugs

Mike Tyson Mysteries -- Warner series on Adult Swim

Batman Direct-To-Video Feature

Scooby Doo series -- The franchise that never dies.

On top of the union animation work, there are a number of non-signator facilities doing production, including ADHD (Animation Domination High Def - Fox affiliated), Titmouse Animation, Moonscoop (formerly Mike Young Productions), Rough Draft Studios, Renegade Animation, and Cosmic Toast.

Reel FX, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has a non-signator satellite studio in Santa Monica which is currently animating feature projects.

Besides traditional animation, there are a number of small visual effects houses in the east San Fernando Valley and Santa Monica/Venice/Culver City, boutique effects houses that work on t.v. and movie special effects. If and when California increases tax incentives for television, movies and VFX, there should be improvements to this segment of the entertainment business. We anticipate some visual effects work returning to the state.

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