Monday, June 16, 2014

The Japanese Scooby Doo

Guess who it is.

Astro Boy, one of Japan’s most famous and long-running anime and manga properties, is being rebooted with a new series that mixes traditional 2D and modern CG animation.

The new series, which was announced at the Annecy Festival’s International Animation Film Market, will be comprised of 26 half-hour episodes that are targeted toward children from eight to twelve years of age. It’s a joint production from studios across three separate countries, including Japan’s Tezuka Productions, France’s Caribara Animation and Monaco’s Shibuya Productions.

There will also be a separate series of animated shorts developed by Tezuka Productions and YTV. These will run between five and seven minutes long each and are described as an “edutainment” series aimed at children from three to five years of age. ...

Even Imagi couldn't kill AB. Like a few American series in the Golden Circle, Astro Boy rockets through the decades.

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