Saturday, October 26, 2013

ianimate Student Spotlight - Chris McCormick

Chris McCormick was one of my very first students at iAnimate in the Summer of 2011.  

He took my WS4 - Facial and Dialog Acting Class.  Chris did two great pieces with me in that class that I still show as examples of great acting and dialog.  (Clips are on the reel above)
1 - The Wrestler Clip and
2 - The Saving Silverman clip.

I remember being so proud of the work on The Wrestler clip because the character is trying to avoid any and all contact.  Every moment he does have eye contact with the person he is speaking to, becomes even more important this way.  Also, with the Saving Silverman clip where he repeat "Come on" over and over again, it is a challenge to say the same thing over and over in different ways and I think Chris nailed it.

Chris just finished his internship at Pixar and on his exit interview they told him the piece he worked on with me at iAnimate with Mickey Rourke from The Wrestler is what got him the internship.  Yay!  Chris is looking for work again, so check his demo reel out!

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