Sunday, April 11, 2010


ENCHANTED beautifully revived the magic of Disney animation. The quality of the animation and background art is as beautiful and sophisticated as any in any Disney film. The movie included literally hundreds of references to classic Disney films, including the storybook opening. It was followed by a deep zoom shot through the woods to Giselle's cottage.

Now we'll venture inside and see details of the cottage interiors.

Now, back outside and into the woods...

It took forever to digitally re-assemble this background, but the result is certainly gorgeous and worth the hours involved. This artwork is very reminiscent of SNOW WHITE, to me... truly remarkable and breathtakingly beautiful.

There was a pan and zoom during this segment, which makes digital restoration very complicated, but I managed to accomplish the re-assembly, and once again the result was worth the effort.

The final piece is one we don't see in the movie - the last two pieces, which I digitally joined. They obviously belong together, creating a very spectacular pan background. Left and right halves were used for different segments in the film.

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