Friday, February 12, 2010

AM Newsletter

Here's a little bit of a interview/post-mortem of the making of my Animation Mentor film, Better off Undead!  Thanks for showcasing it AM!
 I remember trying to get this film done last year, in time for Valentine's Day, and I didn't even come close!  So it's cool this was posted now.  It's funny to read this interview and scroll back just a few posts in the past and read how frustrated and disheartened I was going through it at first.  Melodramatic much?  But what's really cool is reading and remembering how many people, both good friends and strangers, offered to help me out.  I would get messages from people asking if I needed any modeling, animation, lighting help.   That was so awesome and I'm super grateful! 

As an aside, a little after I finished Animation Mentor, I posted it on CG Talk, and I was contacted by a talented artist named Jason Walker who said he wanted to do the environments for my short!  We went back and forth a little bit but he eventually got too busy with school, and I eventually moved out here.  But he did send me these initial lighting tests and I was already blown away!

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