Saturday, January 30, 2010

Schoolism: Assignment #3, Pt. 1

This week's lectures focused on head construction and caricature.  The first part was to draw a specific person from a photo, as realistic as possible, taking in all the info we can.  Here's my bowler hat guy.
Then we were  toput that photo away and create 3 new caricatured variations side by side on the same page, based on the circle, square, and triangle.  Fun stuff!

Here are just a few other misc. studies.  Check out pickle nose!
 The other half of our assignment will be to begin to add more character, clothing and personality to our Jeckyll/Hyde characters. By week 5 we will then just pick one of those 2 characters to take to completion throughout the nine weeks.  

And this isn't really supposed to be anything, it just came out of trying to customize new brushes.  But it was inspired by Demoiselles D'avignon Pablo Picasso, one of my favorite paintings, which I finally saw 
recently at the MOMA.

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