Saturday, January 16, 2010

Schoolism: Assignment #2

Our assignment throughout the rest of the course is design Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde....
"They can be from any time period, past present or future. Create a new take, a new style on the characters."

My story involves Professor Jetsan Khandro, a Tibetan Biologist.  Who spends his waking hours, on the outskirts of Repula (a small village in the shadow of Mount Everest) , attempting to track down substantial evidence of a creature the locals call "The Makalu."  A bear-like Cryptid said to inhabit the base of the world's highest mountain.

This week the assignment was to start the thumbnail silhouette phase of our characters.  I normally don't ever have the discipline to sit down and do this.  But these were fun to do, and I definitely found better ideas for shapes than I would've had I just sat down to do a single drawing.


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