Monday, June 29, 2009

Long walks on the beach

Hey guys! Here's something I did tonight for a birthday gift . I'm not much of a painter (obviously!), but there you go . I had a few guidelines to springboard from, but I just wanted it to put the recipients in a good mood whenever they look at it! Maybe you will too, which is why I wanted to post it.

And I know I keep saying this, but, film comin soon! Promise! Just lower your expectations a little!

On another note, this Friday is Kevin Dart's Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7 show at Gallery Nucleus! Check out that rockstar lineup! And oh man, recently I was fortunate enough to be invited to have my Yuki sketch included in the show!
Which or course meant, getting it framed, and matted, and stuff. Which I've never done with my own art before. Oh and pricing it, which I'm not used to doing either. I guess when you're a newbie like me you're just thinkin, who on earth is gonna pay for this? Anyway it goes on for about two weeks, It was a little too last minute to get a ticket down, but if you stop by take some pictures!

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