Monday, June 22, 2009

In the bag!

After a little more than two years (on and off, I started Jan 2007) ,I'm finally done with my courses at Animation Mentor! July is gonna be a busy month. I go down to the bay area for the AM graduation, and then the weekend after after, is the San Diego Comic Con! Time flies when you're busy!

Here's a roll call of my final class, with Keith Sintay as mentor. I had the pleasure of sharing this class with some really , really skilled, hard workin' people. I felt like I was behind the whole time, seriously. But everyone was unbelievably supportive, and humble, and friendly. Same goes for all of my terms at AM though, I gotta say I made some good friends every class, and now half of my facebook are AM people.
I've been spending my waking hours polishing the 3D animation, so unfortunately I have no new drawings worth showing. But I thought I'd post some character sketches I did last year when I was working at Gas Powered Games. Grandpa Caruso and Surfergirl ! Grandpa was alot of fun, and I remember trying design surfergirl after my fiance, Cheryl. Both versions ended up not getting used for the project, actually, nothing ended up getting used, but thats another story altogether =). Still, it was a fun project, a great (albeit short) experience, and I worked with some great dudes.

Check out waaay more awesome work from this project on Raf's blog!

Yesterday I finally finished up some freelance work with Nickelodeon too! It was actually a lot of fun. I didn't know what to expect working with a bigger company like Nick, but I worked with a real cool art manager that "got it" and acted as buffer between myself and the Nick head honchos. I appreciated that.

I'll post up the film as soon as I get it in presentable order! I promise! Along with some tidbits on the things I learned, struggled with, little victories, in making the film. As humble & simple as it is, this term was chaotic! As you might know.

See you soon! In the Bay OR SD!

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