Saturday, September 1, 2007


A sketch to end the week and break in a new brush. I actually got to draw all week at work which was freakin awesome! I feel really rusty man, I was drawing all the time doing traditional anim. at my very first gig, after that I got into ArenaNet, and stopped drawing seriously for like 3 years because I was so deep into learning 3D! So I got alot of catching up to do. Having this blog helps. I feel like it'll feel negelected if I dont feed her something, anything!, for a long period of time.

So far, at Gas Powered, its been a good balance of animating in 3D and doing concepts here and there. I imagined before that it'd be easy constantly going back n forth between the two on the fly, but its actually pretty hard for me to get into the back into the groove of one or the other. Its challenging fun. On another note, I was lookin thru the Meet the Robinsons art book again, and Joe Moshiers designs are...just delicious. Deliciousness.

So the days nowadays pretty much go; leave the house at 9:00, get home from work, spend time w/ Cheryl and the pups, if I'm not too lazy hit the gym, and finally work on Animation Mentor stuff until 3-ish. So I've been pretty tired the past weeks. Which means more coffee in the mornings, which mean harder caffeine crashes in the evening, or whenever I'm not drinking coffee.
And so bumbershoot this weekend!! Rod Y Gab, its gonna be off the chain! And if you havent yet check out MIA's new album Kala. Its freaking sick.

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