Monday, September 10, 2007

happy bday cheryl!

Cheryl's bday was this past weekend and it was a blast! A group of us went camping at the San Juan Islands. We also "fishing", petted camels, went whale watching, went wine tasting, and we were( more or less) attacked by a fox! Which was scary because we even brought the dogs! Well Cheryl was real delighted it all worked out so well, so I was happy. I'll upload some pictures later!This is what I gave Cheryl, framed. I just wanted to do something that would make her happy whenever she glanced at it. She loves koi fish, and is always pushing me to do more art for the house. "Arent you an artist, why arent you doing art for our walls?!" My response is always that my stuff isnt good enough and it isnt. Not that this is. But I had big ambitions to actually give it a more painterly look, but I was rushed for time. Plus I was reminded that I can't paint to save my life, and I just went with what I knew. I wanted it to say something positive but not as plain as "happy." So I thesaurus-dot-commed "happy" and settled on bliss. Could've been worse, could've settled on "chipper."

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