Monday, May 7, 2007


Just got back from the Philippines last friday, was one of the funnest times I've been back! Was a best man at my cousin's wedding, went wakeboarding a couple of times, and got spend most of my time in the countryside really. Its hotter than you can imagine there right now. Here are some sketches of things I saw on the trip, I'll post some pics a little later!

From the Seattle and Taipei Airport, where I had an 8 hour stopover!
You'll see these kind of tricycles everywhere, I wanna bring back one to the states, imagine the commute in that badboy!
This massive mansion was just recently built in our meager barangay(barrio, neighborhood) for some reason.
Neighbors taking a shower outdoors by the water pump across the street. I didnt get to try it because I'd be unconfortable, but it always looked completely refreshing.
The newest little one in our family, Therese!
My little cousins playing ( and takin a bath) in the waterhose.
Next door neighbor from the Nadal family.
Hostesses of Wowowee, a super popular tv show there.
From a drag queen cotillion.
From a city-wide parade and festival.Some pros from a newly built, local Watersports complex rockin out. I didn't come close to looking like any of this, but it was a freaking blast.

I'll post up some pics soon!

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