Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Manning’s Broncos come

With Manning’s Broncos coming away with a thrilling two-point victory over Brady’s Patriots, the Taiwanese animation creators had some fun putting together a pretty bizarre recap. Let’s break it down, shall we?

But, for as good as Manning was, the Broncos’ defense was the real MVP of the game. They constantly put pressure on Brady all day long, forcing him to take hits and make some terrible throws we’re not used to seeing him make.
They gave Manning credit for having a great game, but still found ways to poke some fun at the aging veteran.

Apparently, the pressure was so intense that Denver’s defenders managed to turn Brady into a joint.

Weird, but that’s just the beginning. From there, things took a pretty dark turn.

With Manning coming out on top on what might be the final showdown between the QBs, he now gets to sit on the throne. That throne is apparently a toilet.

Like, really dark. Here we have Broncos defenders — likely stoned on that Brady dank — dabbling in mutilation and dismemberment.

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