Monday, September 1, 2014

iAnimate Student Spotlight - Kentarou Niina 新名健太郎

Kentarou Niina 新名健太郎 was my student this past summer block in Feature Workshop 5 - Full Body Acting at iAnimate and he did a fantastic job on the shot above. Kentarou made a lasting impression on me in my WS5 class because he understood that re-recording reference will give you specifics to your acting.  Every time, I would ask if he could re-record just a small section of the shot above... he jumped on it, pluss-ed the acting and made it his own!  He also had a female friend create reference for him to get even more specific to how a female might act this assignment out.  Finally, what sets Kentarou apart was his attention to detail on fingers, facial and spacing.  All of these specific placements give his shots life and that is what we are all about as animators.

Check out Kentarou's work here!

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