Monday, June 10, 2013

How to Create Lipsync in Maya

I have added a video section to the blog with two free videos and 6 lectures you can purchase at

This tutorial instructs you to the 15 facial poses I find most common in creating dialog for animation in CG. I describe each pose and the basic lines of action that happen in the face for these poses. I also offer some notes on what not to do when creating these poses. Once you create the 15 poses, you are ready to generate a shelf for your character. My students over the years have loved this part of my lectures, most... and I hope you do too. There is a .pdf attached with the poses provided as a guide.
I am very proud to announce some new videos I have been working on to help animators create better lip synch.  I added two free videos and five more that are at the low, low price of $9.90 each at

The two free videos explain how to download, install and source the pose2Shelf.mel script for use in creating facial libraries for your characters.  I prefer the shelves over plug ins, since most studios frown on your installing plugins on their computers.  Shelves are a quick and easy way to use the automation that computers do best to repeat actions you do all the time and simplify moving so many controls for one pose.

The videos for sale ($9.90 - what a steal!) cover my work flow when mapping out where poses go for setting up a first pass on dialog in Maya.  I go in more detail about which poses to drop out of the dialog and which to keep. This is a vanilla pass at animation.  No asymmetry or special shapes are created at first, only the 15 basic poses (along with .pdfs for you to follow when creating these poses) are used.   In the later videos I add asymmetry and a smile overall of the dialog, as well as a few poses for the blinks and eye darts.

The videos contain detailed instruction on one of my most popular lectures when I teach.  I broke it up into sections, so you can purchase what you think you need... or you can buy the whole series here.


Links to the individual lectures can be found here...


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