Friday, May 14, 2010


In this rather obscure Silly Symphony, moths swarm into "Ye Olde Costume Shop" as a pretty girl moth is entranced by a hypnotic candle flame.

First up, this gorgeous rendering of a leaded glass window, in a digitally restored vertical pan:

The moths gaze upon the costume shop interior:

In their eyes it transforms into a magnificent feast. This elaborate digitally restored background art is Disney at its sumptuous, extravagant best!

after the pan right to left, the "feast" dissolves into the left side of the shop interior:

another pan B/G, final frame of sequence on right with cel overlay:

more art...

A magnificent candelabra, in a vertical pan...

Here's a beautiful pan B/G... followed by left and right side detail enlargements:

This is a partial reconstruction of a very long pan B/G.

The left side is particularly good...

Beatiful composition here:

Finally, a long pan B/G followed by a closer look...

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