Friday, October 9, 2009



I've previously mentioned my affinity for "old west" art in cartoons. Why? Who knows. Maybe it was my childhood growing up in South Dakota, and visiting western spots like "Deadwood" and "Rockerville." Whatever the reason, I really like it!

Here is an enormous installment of digitally re-assembled background art from Disney's HOME ON THE RANGE (2004). This is actually the biggest post I've ever done, around FIFTY pieces! There's some really fine work here by recent Disney B/G artists. It is unashamedly "cartoon-y" with vivid color palettes, some wonderful use of perspective, and an over-all fresh, contemporary look. Lots of fun!

As usual, whenever possible all "cel" characters and overlays are digitally erased. When and if they are left in, it means the character didn't budge enough to clear the area.

Don't forget to click on the images for the enlarged versions.

Happy trails!

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