Sunday, July 26, 2009

So...... I met my hero this weekend !

Me and Glen Keane at the San Diego Comic-Con!

Pretty awesome right?! This was right before the Walt Stanchfield Panel. After waiting in line for long while, the panelists start to show up in the front. With my eagle eye, I spot this dude from afar in shorts and a cap, and I realize Oh sh*t its Glen Keane! He looked like a kid with his little backpack!

I muster up the courage to approach him and ask if I can get a quick picture. I turn to him, a little verklempt, and go, " Man, You're my hero Glen." He stops , takes a moment to look down at my badge and goes "Well thank you , Bobby." Like, super sincere y'know? So I told him his work was the reason I aspired to become an animator, which is true. He shook my hand, and my friend Tirzah took the picture. I said thank you one more time, made sure the picture wasn't blurry, and squirmed away. Aw man, I didn't think I would geek out like that but I felt like a little kid.

Check out more of my pictures from the comic-con here !

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