Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here we go...

Before the 3D begins, I thought It'd be cool to post what I had so far. Which is the whole film blocked out in key poses, and little bits of animation here and there just to get a feel for how the end product would look. Animating in flash was so much harder than storyboarding in flash, for me. In fact, I'd say that flash is the perfect tool setting up leica reels. But animating straight into flash will still take some time getting used to . The instant playback button was really nice though.
So since I'm now required to animate at least 1/3 of the film in 3D (see two posts down) , the second act will be replaced. From the point where he pops out of the grave, to when he starts to head towards town. Which ironically enough, has the weakest blocking I feel. His poses are stiff and his model is all over the place, amongst other issues!

A buddy of mine at work came to my rescue and is graciously lending his time to modify the classic AM Rig to make it look like Remington. I know it wont look like him exactly, but it'll have to do. Besides, he's a bad- ass and he'll make it look cool anyway. Thanks dude!

So watch out! In about 11 weeks, this could possibly be something decent. Or THE most confusing, disjointed film you've ever seen! Either way, I'll be crying!

Heres the little bugger in 3D!

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