Friday, May 2, 2008

LILO AND STITCH: Pan Background

Looking at the lush pan background, it's hard to imagine it as the background for alien induced bombings and explosions! (The only giveaways are the yellow pieces of house timber and the pink chunk of corrugated tin roofing in the midst of the greenery.) Also notice, on the right side, the power of the explosion blows the trees and flowers to the left (the direction in which the characters are propelled). Where Lilo finally lands (in front of the corrugated tin) looks calm. It's a very clever fusion of story line into the background art - one of the best examples I've ever seen.

Unbelievably, this is only about one-half the pan!

The right half was so obscured by smoke and flying debris that I could only digitally composite the left side. It's still a pan BG of considerable length!

Stylistically, the art reminds me of an unlikely combination of SNOW WHITE with JUNGLE BOOK plus HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY.

The far left side darkened significantly as the "camera" panned left, so I had to build that part with nearly one frame at a time. I think the end justifies the means.

Bravo to the contemporary artists who were responsible for the lavish excellence of this recent Disney film.

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