Monday, February 19, 2007

Week 7 - AM

This week we're studying arcs, path of action, and continuing with overlapping action. Here is my first of a gillion passes I'm sure! I feel like overlapping is what I'm weakest at when it comes to mechanics, I always fear animating monsters with tails and tentacles @ work. And if you've ever played our games, we love monsters w/ tails n tentacles! Having said that, I love love love doin this crazy cartoony kind of animation, so much fun.

I'm still hesitant to make the jump to Maya, I think it's just because I dont want to be in Max mentality at work and Maya at home. So I modeled and rigged up little Max versions of Tailor and Leggy Leggerson here. But! Its gonna have to happen sometime, I dont think I could pull of a whole biped on my own.

Speaking of Guild Wars, if you haven't checked out the ArenaNet Sketch Blog in a while, CHECK IT! They are posting again, link to right.->

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